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Dead Sushi

Was there really a demand for a film featuring killer sushi? Were there protests in the street demanding someone create CGI and puppets of popular sushi dishes, put them into a horror comedy, and let them rain terror on the masses. It’s safe to say that Dead Sushi is a one-of-a-kind Japanese horror film.


Quick Looks: Kitchen Casino

What can I say about a show that left so little of an impression on me? What can I say about a show that, while the premise sounds cool, is a boring mess lacking any type of entertainment value? Sure, there were two former Hell’s Kitchen contestants competing against one another for a $30,000 potential prize. And…

Impractical Jokers

Quick Looks: Impractical Jokers

Heading into watching Impractical Jokers for the first time, I expected something closer to Jackass or The Jerky Boys, based solely on the reputation of the show and the myriad of commercials shown throughout the day. Fortunately, Impractical Jokers was closer to Betty White’s Off Their Rockers or Punk’d, which was a welcome surprise.